Water Meter Leaks
Kerry Property Maintenance provides a professional repair and advice service that will assist with all of your water worries. Our areas of expertise include burst water mains, water leaks and other water relates issues with bio-cycle, septic tanks and percolation issues.

There will be many areas within your property where water could be leaking into the system within or outside your house. There are a few simple checks that you can do to ensure that your water works are working efficiently for your needs
  • Tighten those Taps - Ensure that all taps completely turn off and no dripping is present as even the smallest drip will amount to a considerable leak over time.
  • In Hot Water - Hot water leaks mean you are leaking water but you are also wasting the energy that is heating the water to be lost.
  • Toilet Turmoil - It is important to ensure that the toilet stops flushing soon after the flush. If the flush runs continuously this is wasting water each time the flush takes place.
If any of the above issues are presenting themselves in your property please contact us for professional advice.

Water Leak Repair Kerry